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Doing The Right Thing At The Right Time

  • Case Managment (Jet File) for law Office
  • Prestigious Medical Software for Workers’ Comp, PTP, Chiro, etc…
  • Based on MTUS Guidelines

WC DA Case Management
WC AA Case Mangement
Jet Fliling

Personal Injury
AA Case Management
PI Case Management

Cloud Based Network - medx factor

WC, PR1, PR2, MMl, Med-Legal,
QME, HCFA Billing, Collection

Personal Injury(PI), Initial, Re-Exam
Final Report
Full Billing Report, Collection (WC, PI)
PTP, CHIRO, ORTHO, Pain Management, Acupuncture

Autorized Jet File Vendor
EDEX Services

Third-Party Filer (TPF)
Software Vendor

Complete PI and WC Medical Report / RFA
Billing Report / Collection / Insurance

Direct Interface with Medical Facilities
Case Management
Scheduler, Billing, Collection

(U. S. Department of Transportation)
Client Management, Callback
Direct Email Marketing

Our Cloud Base MXFSolutions

Client/Patient, Law Firm (Case Management), WC&PI Clinic (MedxFactor)

Worker's Compensation & Personal Injury Case Management Software (DWC EAMS JET File Certified)

Approved JET File Vendor List

JET File allows electronic filling of multiple “forms” and attachments in a single
transmission by secure file transfer (SFT) service.
  • Application of adjudication of claim
  • Declaration of readiness proceed (to hearing)
  • Declaration of readiness proceed (to expedited trial)
  • Compromise and release
  • Stipulation with request for award
  • Notice and request foe allowance of lien
  • Golden rod lien (EDD only)
  • Unstructured form
  • Supplemental lien form and section 4903.05(c) declaration – Jan. 1, 2017
  • Answer to application for adjudication of claims – Jan 21, 2019
  • Request for summary rating determination of primary treating physician – July 31, 2020
  • Request for consultative rating – July 31, 2020

DWC Has Built The Receiving End Of JET File And External Participants
Have Three Options For Connecting To JET File On The Front End:

  • Build a JET file transmission process using technical specifications provided by DWC
  • Use vendor-developed software to JET file
  • Use the services of a third party filer (TPF)

Private vendors have developed their own software and transmission methods for numbers two and three above. The list below comprises those vendors whose processes passed testing and work properly with JET file.

The division does not endorse or guarantee the product(s) developed by the vendors listed below. Each vendor’s transmission code has been tested only for compatibility with JET file. Each software product or service is different and users should contact each vendor to select a product that best suits their business needs.

Vendor type Company Address Approved Document
TPF Medxfactor 5143 White Oak Blvd Encino CA 91316 (818) 617-5922 APP, DOR, EXP DOR, C&R, STIP, LIEN, UFO, ANS, DEU102, DEU104
Software vendor Medxfactor 5143 White Oak Blvd Encino CA 91316 (818) 617-5922 APP, DOR, EXP DOR, C&R, STIP, LIEN, UFO, ANS, DEU102, DEU104

MXFSolution Software Solution for Personal Injury
& Workers' Comp

(MTUS Guidline, Billing and Collection, RFA, DFR, PR1 Initial Report, PR2 Report, MMI Report, Med-Legal Report, …)