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Cloud base solution, using current technology

Law office
WC Case Management
Jet Filing

Law Office
Personal INJURY

Jet Filer
Software Vendor
Services Of A Third Party Filer (TPF)

WC, PR1, PR2, MMI, Med-Legal, QME, Supplemental, AME RFA, HAFA Billing, Collection PTP/ CHIRO/ Acup/ Physio, Ortho/ Pain Management, FRP/FCE MTUS

PERSONAL INJURY(PI), Initial, Re-Exam Final Reports, Include Prognosis Report Full Billing Report, Collection PTP, CHIRO, ORTHO, PAIN MANAGEMENT, ACUPUNCTURE

Software generator Billing, RFA, Medical reports Complete PI And WC Medical Report / RFA Billing Report / Collection / Insurance

Direct Interfaces To Medical
Facilities Case Management
Scheduler, Billing, Collection

(Department of transport)
Client Management, Callback
Direct Email Marketing

Hosting in amazon
software, website development
cost effective marketing
google search optimization

Law Office
WC Case Management
Jet Filing


Google search optizimation

Keywords on first page of google within 5 to 7 month

Email marketing

Sending 2000 to 5000 Emails from MLN??? to clinics and law firms and diagnostic centers

Assist with website development and hosting

Cost effective website and hosting for our member

Cost effective marketing

let us manage your marketing material with low cost

marketing brochures

Monthly creation of brochures and designing new brochures for our members

Monthly support

website marketing material. hosting and news releases for your website.

Social media

weekly update of social media

Hosting in amazon

we utilize the amazon cloud for our hosting which has the highest security and HIPAA compliance

Supervisory team

a team of ten doctors and attorneys will over seen and supervise our marketing material as well as advise to our marketing strategy